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Master Kwon

  • Master Kwon attended Yong-In University in South Korea, majoring in Tae Kwon Do
  • Attained a SIXTH DAN Certificate for Tae Kwon Do form the President of Korea Tae Kwon Do association and President of Kukkiwon
  • Attained a FOURTH DAN Certificate for Hapkido from KoreaHapkido Martial Arts Federation
  • Attained a Certificate of Qualification as a Tae Kwon Do Master from Kukkiwon, World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters
  • Awarded a Certificate of Coach License from Minister of Cultural Affairs
  • Awarded a Certificate of Teachers License from the President of Yong-In University
  • Attained the qualification of International Referee by the World Taekwondo Federation.
  • Judo 3rd degree from Korea Judo Federation
  • Awarded certification of coach license from USA Tae Kwon Do Association
  • Tel: (954) 242-9774         Email: Kteam0401@gmail.com

If you are ready to better yourself and learn valuable self-defense, lose weight, make friends, or just to have fun, call us today at (954) 242-9774 or you can contact us here.

Private LEssons

If you prefer to have private training for either you or your child, we offer personal lessons that can easily fit your busy schedule. We will personalize your training program so that it can fit your desired needs, whether it may be for further self-defense training, weight loss, gain strength, flexibility and endurance, or just to have fun. 

Private lessons for children can help teach discipline, teach them to become more calm and focused, grow in confidence, gain better listening skills, and improve overall physical and mental health.

Adult and teen classes

At KTEAM MARTIAL ARTS our Adult & Teen Classes will make you stronger, more flexible, and can help relieve daily stress that is accompanied by school and work. Other benefits include improved endurance, balance, and self-defense techniques.​ Above all, you will feel revitalized and recharged, ready to take on whatever life brings to you. Our masters teach with enthusiasm and patience and our students progress at their own rate. Many of our students come with little or no experience and are amazed at how learning Tae Kwon Do has improved their lives.
​​Teens receive positive reinforcement in social skills, discipline, and teamwork all while having a fun time doing it!

At our school we work hard to provide a great family atmosphere. Our students are encouraged to be the best they can be. Even if they are just a novice martial artist or a competitive athlete, we want all our students to 
strive to be their best. The goal for our instructors is not only to teach them Tae Kwon Do, but to help them develop skill that can assist them in all aspects of their lives. They will learn Focus, Discipline, and respect, which can help them with their schooling, work, and social lives.

KTEAM MARTIAL ARTS family classes allows parents and children to train together while providing a wonderful bonding experience. Families who participate in these classes often feel closer towards each other, all while creating a positive attitude towards fitness. These classes involve a high energy environment where different belt levels work together at their own individual paces. While the main goal of this class is to bring a family together, it's also a great way to meet other like-minded, positive families.​​ Training together leads to mutual respect and encouragement to one another and can create a better at-home atmosphere.

family classes

Our masters motivate and challenge our students to do their best while striving to accomplish their next goal. As a result they learn focus, discipline, respect as their confidence grows.

Children start as white belts and gradually progress their way through the different colored belts, up to black belt, and beyond. During this process they learn more and more sophisticated techniques as they advance and gain self-control, leadership skills, and experience at setting and achieving goals. Plus it's great exercise!​

Child classes

​Little Tiger Classes

Our Little Tiger Class is perfect for 3 - 4 year olds who are brand new to Tae Kwon Do. Teaching with a positive and encouraging atmosphere, our young students learn to listen and follow directions while having great exercise and fun.

​Child Classes

​For children up to 12 years old, our Children's Classes help our young students master the art of Tae Kwon Do. Students leave this class feeling re-energized and having a "can do" attitude towards other aspects of their lives. These classes can motivate your child in a positive manner and lead to further benefits in their lives.

Hapkido is not a martial sport but a martial art, which is outstandingly suitable for self-defense. It can be learned by both men and women regardless of age. 

​What does Hapkido mean?

​HAP: means "together" and is the harmony of the body and spirit

KI: defines the life and body energy

DO: is the way of life, and the way of learning

Hapkido is a form a self-defense that utilizes jumping kicks and percussive hand strikes at longer ranges and pressure point strikes, joint locks, or throws. at closer fighting distances. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, redirection of force, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to incorporate the use of leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

HaPKido PRivate lesson